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Early History

Sullivan County is located in north-central Missouri. It is 15 miles south of Iowa and 65 miles west of the Mississippi River. The county seat is Milan.

Sullivan County highlighed on small Missouri county map.The county's present boundaries were actually formed in 1843 when it was formed as Highland County which was attached to Linn County for all civil and military purposes.

A state census in 1844 showed that the county had enough people to become a full organization and was established February 14, 1845. Named after James Sullivan, a member of the Continental Congress of 1782, the county was divided into six townships: Duncan, Liberty, Morris, Pleasant Hill, Polk and Vrooman. County organization was complete when voting precincts were established in each township.[1]


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Farm Journals of Charles H. Maggart, Sullivan County, MO, 1920 - 1921 ~ Contributed by member of the Brown Family
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